Are you ready to embark on a sensory wine journey back in time? Simonsig Wine Estate's annual Vintage Day is taking place on Saturday, 29 July this year, and it beckons wine enthusiasts to discover rare and exquisite treasures of Cap Classique, white and red wines that have evolved gracefully through the seasons. Vintage Day offers a rare opportunity to savour the seasonal journey of hand-selected vintages and experience the harmonious fusion of flavours and textures that have shaped the character of these wines over time.

Simonsig Wine Estate has ushered in a new area for Chenin Blanc with the unveiling of The Langbult Steen Chenin Blanc 2022 – their first wine to gain Old Vine status.

This award-winning barrel-fermented Chenin Blanc, formerly known as Simonsig Chenin Avec Chêne, is a single vineyard Chenin Blanc that has been renamed and given a refreshed look to commemorate this historic milestone in the wine’s evolution.

South Africa, Stellenbosch, November 2020; With a philosophy of only releasing the very best expression of The Garland’s single-vineyard cabernet sauvignon site, Simonsig’s previous vintage release was the 2011. Enter 2015, which is considered one of the best, if not the greatest-ever vintage for South African wine, and most especially associated with producing long-lived cabernet sauvignon as well as Bordeaux-style blends.