What’s in the Name? Cap Classique

The Cap Classique Producers Association has recently re-positioned its marketing objectives to
highlight the importance of time in the making of fine South African bubbly. The change occurs
simultaneously to a drive for changes in local legislation governing the production of Cap Classique,
and for which the CCPA are lobbying. All very positive indeed.

Part of the new strategy is that we now have a fully-fledged marketing arm that takes care of the day-
to-day activities on the local and international front. We are gearing ourselves for the 50-year celebration of the first Cap Classique produced (in 1971) next year.

Therefore, this message is for all of you who love and follow and drink Cap Classique! Part of our
drive going forward, is to refrain using the acronym, MCC. We know that it is an easy way out, but we
feel that the category can benefit hugely by referring to the product as Cap Classique. Therefore, we
urge you to share this information with your marketing teams, those who make the decision on labels,
and with those who liaise with media and press. When referring to the process the words – Méthode
Cap Classique – may be used. However, the general language should be Cap Classique. By doing it
this way we will develop the behavior and people will catch on to it, thus strengthening brand Cap
Classique, uniquely South African.

We (the office) are currently reaching out to everyone, that uses MCC and are asking them to refer to
and use Cap Classique instead. We are all in this together and we will appreciate your support and
assisting us with changing the language to CAP CLASSIQUE.

It is indeed very exciting time for Cap Classique and we are sure that this will help promote the
collective importance of this category. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email
Caroline on marketing@capclassique.co.za

“We take our time to craft Cap Classique, the way it has been done for centuries. And we are
rewarded with a magnificent sparkling wine that’s a timeless classic, especially with the right
reference, CAP CLASSIQUE.”


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