Van Loveren Women Break The Bias With Fairtrade International Award

In a what can only be described as a monumental breakthrough for women in a male-dominated industry, the women employees from Van Loveren Family Vineyards, received the top award – the International Breaking the Bias Award – at a recent Fairtrade event. In addition to this prestigious honour, Van Loveren will be renumerated for any Fairtrade initiatives proposed and approved, to the total value of 10 000 Euros.


Accepting the award on behalf of their colleagues were Rhoda McNiel and Sune September. Rhoda joined the company in 1996, whilst Sune has been working on the farm since 2013. “It was wonderful to win the Break the Bias Award and certificate. It shows what women can do. There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish,” said Sune upon accepting the accolade. 


The event, themed “Break the bias”, served as a platform for women to exchange their learnings and experiences, as well as to celebrate their achievements within their communities. As we know women play an integral role in the agriculture industry across Africa, but are often subjected to discrimination based on their gender. A case study conducted in 2020 on women in agriculture, entitled Sustainable Agriculture in South Africa (Siza), found that women in this sector are often impeded by patriarchal perceptions or bias, motherhood and childcare, and a lack of training and education, amongst other things.  

‘Fairtrade Africa’s regional communications officer, explains that women across the continent are breaking down these types of barriers every day.

She explains that women within the Fairtrade Africa network are doing great work, but have not been receiving acknowledgment for that work’


In 2011 Van Loveren received its Fairtrade accreditation, and is a proud contributor to the improvement of production and trading conditions for its workers and disadvantaged employees.




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