Van Loveren Family Vineyards Presents Christiena Trousseau

A Treasure to be Opened

Christiena Trousseau is the iconic, flagship range of wines from Van Loveren Family Vineyards.
Crafted in the scenic Robertson valley, these wines reflect the quality of terroir in which the
vineyards grow and are steeped in Retief family history and their wine-making journey.

The wines proudly bear the original spelling of their forebear, Christiena van Loveren.
Revealed in a signature on an old family heirloom the additional ‘e’ reflects so much about these
wines and their story.

Extraordinary woman. That is Christiena van Loveren. She arrived in South Africa as a newlywed
in 1699, bringing with her a beautiful bridal chest, or ‘trousseau’. Head-strong and courageous she was rewarded with a happy life and a large family. Years later her descendant, Jean van Zyl married Hennie Retief and named their new farm in her honour. Christiena’s trousseau still stands in the Van Loveren tasting room.

Exclusive, site-specific, single-vineyard grapes are hand-harvested.

Exceptional quality wine in every bottle. The grapes are gently crushed and processed in small
batches, un-locking a new, creative direction for the winery. These are limited release wines with the
finest, varietal traits.

Elegant Embossed packing with a textured paper label and stylish font. The copper plate design
from the trousseau is added as a blind detail on the label and in the colour of the capsule.

Embracing family values. Christiena Trousseau is a reminder of courage, creativity and family values
– three core principles that guide Van Loveren today.

Open a Christiena Trousseau wine and unlock exceptional quality, individuality and character.

Cap Classique | Sauvignon Blanc | Chardonnay | Shiraz | Cabernet Sauvignon | Pinotage


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