Uncanny Wines | South Africa’s first certified wine in a CAN

Uncanny Wines are South Africa’s very first certified wines packaged in cans. These premium quality wines in a beautifully designed 250ml package are the proudly South African response to the skyrocketing international trend of canned wine.

“We’ve combined South Africa’s established winemaking traditions with brilliant innovation and great design to create an exclusive, premium quality wine offering in environmentally friendly packaging,” explains Arnold Vlok, co-owner of Uncanny.


The international precedent is set – over the last five years, canned wines have experienced huge growth in the United States, with sales rising by 69% from June 2018 to June 2019. The US market alone is worth over $80 million (R1.2 billion)[1], with England and Australia following suit.


“It’s been said that the South African market could be too conservative for wine in a can, but our lifestyles are a perfect match for this product. Tuck the cans into your picnic basket for summer concerts in the park or afternoons watching sport. Enjoy the no fuss packaging at a braai and by the pool, without having to worry about glass. The possibilities are endless!” adds Ruan Viljoen, Uncanny’s other half.


Good for you, and for the environment

Uncanny’s wines are vegan friendly and made without any added sulphur, making them the perfect choice for the health conscious. The significantly lighter packaging also goes a long way towards reducing the product’s carbon footprint. And when we say this is a local product, we mean it! Uncanny Wines are produced and packaged in the Boland.

“The environmental impact of our product is something we take very seriously,” explains Arnold Vlok. “The lightweight, easy-to-stack packaging makes our wine ideal for hiking and camping, while the aluminium cans are 100% recyclable and can be recycled over and over again. Crushed down, they’re very easy to take back home for proper disposal.”



Taste those notes

“A common misconception about wine in a can is the possibility of a tinny taste but, as is the case with other canned drinks such as beer and cooldrinks, the wine’s flavour remains pure,” explains Arnold.

Now that that’s clear, it’s time to introduce you to the stars…

The Uncanny No Sulphur Added Chenin Blanc 2019 carries a burst of vibrant energy as citrus and honeysuckle meet you on the nose. The rich mid-palate carries a mouth-filling creaminess that lingers with summer apricots – characteristics associated with great Chenin Blanc wines and fun-filled summer days! ⁠

The Uncanny No Sulphur Added Merlot 2018 is a sensory feast! Mulberries and fynbos collide on the nose, with a rich fruit forward mid palate balanced attractively with a dry finish. The aftertaste lingers with hints of dark chocolate, perfect for campfire hang-outs and romantic evenings under the stars.


In a nutshell

  • South Africa’s first certified canned wines
  • 250ml Chenin Blanc 2019 and Merlot 2018, with more wines coming
  • assessed and certified by the Wine and Spirit Board of South Africa
  • no sulphur added and vegan friendly
  • 100% and infinitely recyclable packaging with a reduced carbon footprint

About Uncanny

Uncanny was founded in Stellenbosch in 2018 by Arnold Vlok and Ruan Viljoen, with the aim of creating South Africa’s first certified and premium quality canned wine. Working with trusted and highly respected winemakers, they’ve invested significant time and effort to ensure that it meets the mark in every aspect.

UNCANNY • adjective • something strangely familiar; beyond the ordinary or normal; extraordinary

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