Ultimate Fine Wine and Food Pairing at Glenwood Vineyards

Nestled at the foot of the Franschhoek mountains we discovered the picturesque Glenwood Vineyards. This family owned boutique winery is surrounded by natural beauty with uninterrupted views of vineyards and cape fynbos. The family pride themselves in farming using only environmentally -friendly farming practices.

Our visit was on a Sunday afternoon and it was pleasant surprise to see a flurry of activity with guests having lunch on the terrace and enjoying wine tasting on the luscious lawn area.

We had a booking for the Fine Wine and Food Experience with my hubby doing the food experience without the wine.

We were greeted by a friendly hostess who directed us to our table on the patio overlooking the beautiful mountains where we were introduced to our lovely waitress who took excellent care of us throughout the afternoon.

The Fine Wine and Food Experience is designed to cater for those who wish to indulge in Glenwoodโ€™s highly rated wines as well as treat ourselves to some sumptuous canapรฉ pairings.   

While we were waiting for the pairing to be set up, we started with off with the 2017 Vigneronโ€™s Selection 2017 Chardonnay, which is light gold in the glass and the nose erupts with the smell of nectarine. The palate is rich and creamy with that buttery goodness you can expect from a Chardonnay.

Perusing the pairings

Did someone say Chardonnay?







We kept with the Chardonnay theme as the pairing commenced, this time the 2018 Unoaked Chardonnay was paired with Ceviche. This pairing was a great way to start the palate tasting because the way the marinated fish flavours were accented by the fresh minerality of the wine was particularly pleasing.

2015 Grand Duc Syrah paired with Mushroom Risotto

Eight wine tasting and palette tastings

Shiraz Vigneron’s Selection 2018 which was paired with the sirloin steak dish.







Following that, we had The Grand Duc 2016 paired with Beef Carpaccio. The Chardonnay and truffle combination is a winner as the natural flavours of the dish enhance the earthiness of the Chardonnay                                            

To complete the initial trio of white wines, we moved on to the Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2017 which is paired with the Duck Caesar Salad. Here we could see how the salty yet subtle spiciness the Caesar salad brings out the freshness in its complimenting wine.                                        

Now we get to a pleasant surprise, with a switch to red wine in the form of the 2015 Grand Duc Syrah paired with Mushroom Risotto. And I would love to just say that this wine drinks perfectly on its own with supple tannins that have an effortless mouth feel and lingering spiciness. The wine paired well with the mushroom risotto which was perfectly cooked with each bite providing a forkful of comfort.

The pairing that I thoroughly enjoyed was the 2016 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Grand Duc 2016 paired with Pork belly. The pork was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with each bite bursting with intense flavors and enhanced by the alluring aromas of the wine. It is fuller bodied style white wine that can cut through the fattiness of the pork belly.

We returned to red wine with the Shiraz Vigneron’s Selection 2018 which was paired with the sirloin steak dish. The natural flavour of the meat which is seasoned with salt and pepper is truly highlighted by the shiraz butter that cuts through the fat of the dish

After completing the tasting portions, you then decide on the flavour combination that you loved the most and you pick that as your main meal. You also receive a full glass of the accompanying wine with your meal of preference.

Shiraz Vigneron’s Selection 2018 which was paired with the sirloin steak dish

Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2017 which is paired with the Duck Caesar Salad

2016 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Grand Duc 2016 paired with Pork belly


2015 Grand Duc Syrah paired with Mushroom Risotto







A great way to round out the full experience is with the Noblesse Grand Duc 2014. This dessert wine is harvested 3 months after normal Semillon harvest and lends a lovely sweet touch to your meal.

Noblesse Grand Duc 2014

Roxanne and I enjoying the Noblesse Grand Duc 2014

Noblesse Grand Duc 2014 Through my wine glass







One of the highlights on the day was when owner, Alistair Wood treated guest to freshly picked Chardonnay grapes on the day.  

Chardonnay straight from the vinyard

Roxanne viewing Chardonnay at a different angle

Chardonnay Through My Wine Glass







The price of R450 per person includes eight wine tastings, tasting palette, main course and glass of wine.

There is also a vegetarian alternative, but pre-booking for this is essential.

Email : restaurant@glenwoodvineyards.co.za

Contact Number : +27(0)21 876 2044

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"Disclaimer : I was invited by Glenwood and we were treated to the complimentary Fine Wine and Food Experience. This review is entirely based on my honest opinion and thoughts."


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