The ultimate spa indulgence with hot stone therapy

In celebration of Women’s Month, Steenberg Spa invites ladies to devote time to themselves with a luxurious spa treatment. As a token of appreciation to all women, Steenberg Spa will extend all 60-minute treatments by 15 minutes during the month of August.

Treat yourself or that special woman in your life to sheer indulgence and come warm up, relax and rejuvenate with the Warming Winter Treatment for only R1 000 for 75 minutes of bliss.

One of the restorative treatments on offer at Steenberg Spa is the indulgent hot stone massage. It might be just the ticket to relieve those aches and pains, given the extent of the challenges we face in our daily lives. There are many benefits to a hot stone massage, such as relaxation, improved sleep, withdrawing toxins, and healthier skin.

The roots and benefits of hot stone massages

Approximately 5,000 years ago, Indians used hot stones to improve health and relaxation. During the practice referred to as Ayurveda, stones were placed on the body to relieve tense muscles and ease related pains. Thousands of years later, the Chinese positioned shaped stones, known as Bian, on the abdomen to assist with digestion. As time passed, Native Americans from Hawaii discovered that using lava rocks wrapped in leaves aided in relieving bodily pains. It was later established that heated stone eased tense muscles, stimulating relaxation throughout the body.

Today, spa therapists around the world treat guests to medium-pressure massages and heated basalt stones to enhance relaxation and loosen tight muscles. Massage techniques, similar to a traditional massage, are applied during the heating process. The stones are heated in warm water, and the massage therapist moves the heated stones as they are placed over your body, relieving tense muscles and eliminating body aches. The sensation is one of a higher intensity in comparison to the Swedish or traditional massages, which helps provide relaxation and pain relief.

Steenberg Spaโ€™s Womenโ€™s month offering 

Book the Warming Winter Treatment for only R1 000 for the duration of August 2022. For bookings, email, call 021 712 7481 or WhatsApp +27 66 029 7246.

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