In a what can only be described as a monumental breakthrough for women in a male-dominated industry, the women employees from Van Loveren Family Vineyards, received the top award - the International Breaking the Bias Award - at a recent Fairtrade event. In addition to this prestigious honour, Van Loveren will be renumerated for any Fairtrade initiatives proposed and approved, to the total value of 10 000 Euros.

Fiver by Four Cousins, the ready-to-drink range of fun-in-a-bottle., turns every occasion into a celebration. Catering to a variety of taste profiles, the Fiver comes in three flavours: the popular Cool (apple and lime), Blush (strawberry and litchi), and Dry, a bracing tang of lemon. There’s a Fiver for everyone, whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer a drier style.