South Africaโ€™s oldest wine-producing farm and a world-renowned tourist destination, has partnered with Sun Exchange (, an innovative solar leasing platform, to harness the power of community and go solar.   A crowdsale for a 165 kilowatt (kW) solar plant to power Groot Constantiaโ€™s winemaking facilities and restaurants is now being hosted on the Sun Exchange platform. Through this crowdsale, people across South Africa and the globe can easily buy solar cells for R64.00 per cell, which will be installed in the solar plant that will power Groot Constantia. Once the 43,448 available solar cells are sold, the solar plant is built and starts generating electricity. Via the Sun Exchange platform, Groot Constantia will pay solar cell owners for the clean energy they produce for 20 years. The solar project crowdsale will run throughout the month of July until all solar cells sell out.