Hereโ€™s to the next 200 years & a legacy surpassing a few lifetimes.

The legacy of the Deetlefs Wine Family stretches over 200 years with it being the second oldest family owned wine estate in South Africa under ownership of the same family. A maiden voyage from Europe on 3 October 1752 was the start of a beautiful journey that set-in motion the story of Deetlefs Wine Estate & the family run business it is today. On 3 October 1752 the HAGEVELD (voyage 3566.1) left on 3/10/1752 from Texel, an island north of Amsterdam and close to Denmark with 143 people onboard and arrived in Cape Town 21 March 1753 on her way to Indonesia (Batavia). During this trip 4 people died and 14 left the ship in the Cape of Good Hope. Johannes Deetlefs was a German soldier from the Hennstedt-area in Dittmarchen. He arrived in South Africa in 1753, after being put ashore at Saldanha Bay because he was, reputedly, a bit difficult. Johannes made his way to Tulbagh & settled there with his wife Alette Claasen. He passed 4 years later, leaving behind a son, Nicolaas Johannes Deetlefs.

Forty years after the Retief brothers Wynand and Hennie, sons of the founders, established the well-known, modern-classic Van Loveren brand, the label, focus and appearance have been polished towards an even brighter future for the popular wine range.


Celebrating a remarkable family wine business in which the next generation has taken charge, the revitalised branding was inspired by the Retiefsโ€™ tightly-woven personal heritage and the deeply-rooted ethos of this outstanding winery. Theirs is a way of doing things that has positioned the family at the centre of the contemporary South African wine industry. Itโ€™s a constant process of renewal and investment in the future.