When we consider the ever-changing nature of the world we’re living in, most of us want the steadying comfort of continuity and consistency. You’ll find it in Chateau Libertas, a well-loved, trusted and enduring household name, now nudging 90. What makes it so reassuring is that it’s been a part of our local landscape for what feels like forever. Every generation between our own and our great grandparents’ at least, has known it and loved it.

Ever noticed how many wines in South Africa have “Chateau” as part of their name? Only one: Chateau Libertas. 

In 1935, the country signed an agreement with the French* that prevented the use of the term by any local producer from that point on. Why the exception for Chateau Libertas? It was established in 1932, before the deal was inked, so it escaped the prohibition.