Sites across Cape Town will be the canvas for expressions, dialogue and debate during the See Festival, which offers a full day conference, tours, installations, performance and music from 22 to 27 November. Created and produced by The City agency, the intention is to bring together institutions, activists, artists, designers and other creatives to exchange ideas, debate and develop methodologies to bring about representational equity in the public life of our cities.

When I got the invitation from Dine4Six, I must say I was a bit apprehensive going to dinner with 6 strangers. I was also hoping that it was not some kind of speed dating as for one, I’m married and two, I had no car keys to throw in the bowl. Well, Dine4Six is none of the above - in fact its way cooler than that!This social dining app is so next level and literally takes away all the “What If” stress when you’re meeting new people.