An epic celebration of wine, food, and hospitality that is sure to exceed all expectations
From Tuesday, August 1st to Sunday, August 6th, experience a diverse range of events, including farm walks, culinary creations, and expert-led tastings, designed to captivate every wine enthusiast. This year's festival promises even more excitement than ever before, dazzling guests throughout picturesque vineyards scattered across multiple wine farms in Stellenbosch. Immerse yourself and engage with passionate winemakers who have elevated Stellenbosch to its globally renowned status, showcasing exceptional quality cultivars.

As Stellenbosch’s oldest wine farm (founded in 1682), Blaauwklippen has a consistent track record of producing authentic wines, which are in harmony with the simplicity of country living. The new release Malbec 2021 (a Gold medal winner at the 2022 Malbec Challenge), which forms part of their premium wine selection, is a testament to this and is guaranteed to be a favourite amongst wine aficionados this winter.