Saxenburg Wine Estate Introduces Their Private Collection 2020 Syrah

Saxenburg Wine Estate is buzzing with excitement with the launch of their  Private Collection Syrah 2020. “ThePrivate Collection Syrah 2020 has been an integral part of the journey of Saxenburg, under the family’s patronage, and it has been a wonderful and humbling journey for us”.

Upon his arrival at Saxenburg in 1989, Mr Bührer, did a terroir analysis and planted
over 30 hectares of Syrah on the estate. At the time, this made up a staggering 10% of South
Africa’s total Syrah plantings & truly placed Saxenburg at the forefront of Syrah production.
Although Syrah was not the most popular varietal during those years, he still decided to take a
chance on terroir and not on trend. Now, Syrah is the most represented varietal at Saxenburg,
making up 43% of our estate. It has always been of utmost importance for us to honour our rich
terroir and history and years later, we can see that Syrah is one of the most represented
cultivars from the Polkadraai region. The Bührer family has a goal to make Saxenburg one of
the most reputable South African Syrah producers, at both a national and international level.

With this in mind, we took a new approach to our Syrah’s identity. This vintage marks the beginning of a new chapter, where our identity is terroir-focused specifically on our ward, the
Polkadraai Hills. We took a step back and pulled the golden thread from our origin to where we want to take Saxenburg in the future. It has been an incredible journey of readjusting our focus back onto what we are known for, our Syrah.

We want our Syrah to signify greatness and
to elicit thoughts in the minds of those who drink it. As a result, we elected to release the 2020,
after our 2017 recently sold out, as this vintage truly reflects where we want Saxenburg to be.

At Saxenburg we live by the philosophy of creating Saxenburg moments. We think that life is
all about the moments that we create for ourselves. Like a good meal, great moments are
best accompanied, or usually provoked, by a great glass of wine. We work with the idea in
mind, that our wines will create moments for all those who taste our wine’s delights.

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