“Did I choose the right wine?” The inevitable moment of self-doubt that strikes all home cooks, foodies and wine lovers as their guests sit down to a well-prepared meal.

Experimenting with food and wine pairing over time can develop confidence or enhance an instinctive sense of what works, but not everyone has the time or the natural inclination to make food and wine sing in harmony.


With this in mind, Libertas Vineyards & Estates has released a highly accessible guide to food and wine pairing that expertly tutors wine lovers, food enthusiasts and avid cooks on the basic wine-tasting principles and how to use them in creating successful pairings of wine with delicious food.


Beautifully illustrated, the selection of recipes strikes a balance between every day, easy eating and indulgent ideas for special occasions. The book will become an indispensable guide to the best pairings for every occasion, whether a casual Friday night braai or a lavish Sunday lunch. The recipes were developed with care and double-tested to create the perfect pairings with each wine and ensure that even the novice cook will be able to follow them.

Libertas Vineyards & Estates is home to some of South Africa’s most iconic wine brands – Allesverloren, Alto, Durbanville Hills, Fleur du Cap, Plaisir de Merle, Pongrácz and Zonnebloem – and in this richly informative book, they are perfectly matched to some extraordinary dishes. 



The book opens with a refresher on wine tasting, with a helpful flavour wheel to guide the overall impression that emerges as one noses and tastes a wine.  An insightful section on food pairing aids the reader in uncovering the perfect dish to accompany the flavours that burst from wine, and also highlights foods to be cautious of.

Each cultivar is introduced with sections on history and winemaking, and a user-friendly illustration highlighting aromas and recommended foods to pair with before delving into a signature recipe paired with a number of wines. The guide is comprehensive – you can either work your way through the book from start to finish, or choose a specific wine varietal to explore.

The book is a delight and like all good cookery or wine books, will lead readers into exciting directions to explore and renew the love-affair of matching flavours with some of South Africa’s most celebrated wines.


The book is available from the following wineries: Alto Estate, Durbanville Hills, Nederburg and Plaisir de Merle at R225 for the soft cover and R380 for the hard cover.




The editorial team

Editor: Vickie de Beer

Wine information, text and wine tasting notes: Fiona McDonald

Commissioning brand manager: Liezl van Schalkwyk and Kate Jackson

Proofreader: Fiona McDonald

Copy sub-editor: Eppie McFarlane

Photography: Charles Russel

Recipes and food pairings: Vickie de Beer

Recipe research: Inemari Rabie

Food preparation: Lichelle May, Inemari Rabie and students of the Institute of Culinary Arts

Design and layout: Llewelyn de Beer

Publisher: Libertas Vineyards & Estates

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