Riebeek Valley Wine Co. Launches Kasteelberg Chenin Blanc MCC

I joined the Riebeek Wine Valley company team to share in the excitement of the highly anticipated launch of the Kasteelberg Chenin Blanc MCC. Born from a love for this place and its people, Riebeek Valley Wine Co. presented their new Kasteelberg Chenin Blanc MCC with pride. This range is a passion project where hand-selected grapes from the foothills of Kasteelberg mountain become the pinnacle of their winemakers’ art.

Winemaker Alecia Boshoff beamed with pride when she shared how they worked exclusively with wine of origin Swartland grapes, the Riebeek Valley Wine Co. undertakes many different wine projects, all with a high level of wine specification form their different clients.

The Kasteelberg range is where the winemakers have true freedom of expression and where the scientist in the wine team meets the artist to create true magic.


Together with the age-old tradition of Dry Land viticulture, the new Chenin Blanc MCC resulted in an elegant, aromatic and richly textured wine, with characteristics typical to Chenin Blanc grown under these conditions. Biscuity notes and hints of tropical fruit are only some of the flavours that charm the nose. On the palate it is well-balanced with a crisp and dry finish. It is best served ice cold and will develop in complexity over the next 3 to 5 years.


Limited release, only 920 bottles, single-vineyard Chenin Blanc from hand-selected grapes from and older bush-vine vineyard on the foothills of the majestic Kasteelberg Mountain, Kasteelberg Chenin Blanc MCC embodies excellent craftsmanship that transforms the harsh Swartland terroir into the pinnacle of our winemakers’ art.


The Kasteelberg range has always been a showcase of Riebeek Wine Valley Co.’s terroir with minimal intervention to allow the characteristics of the region to shine.


This range prides itself as being a small barrel batch production of less than 1000 liters to max 3000 liters and previously included a Chenin Blanc, Viognier, Pinotage & Shiraz and to further pay homage to the excellent Chenin Blanc growing conditions in the Swartland.

For more information or queries, please call 022 448 1213 or email info@riebeekwineco.co.za www.riebeekvalleywineco.com.

The Kasteelberg Chenin Blanc MCC adds the perfect sparkle to any glass.

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