New Funky Ouma Braai Salt Launched


The locally produced Funky Ouma range of preservative-free, hand-made salts
has added a new collection of braai salts to satisfy growing consumer

The Braai Sauce (a first of its kind in South Africa) and Braai Salt are
presented in beautiful tins, whilst the รผber stylish Black Garlic Salt are
served in the grinders that Funky Ouma-lovers have become accustomed too.
The salt for their latest range is harvested in a sustainable manner from
the Himalayas and infused with herbs harvested from the dynamic mother and
daughter business-owner duo’s farm just outside of Wellington in the Western

The Braai Sauce is a unique combination of fig pulp, balsamic vinegar,
tomato puree, lemon, garlic and Himalayan salt.  The Braai Salt combines
fresh coriander, red and green peppers cumin, garlic, onion, chili, and
paprika, with black pepper, sea salt and Himalayan salt for a gorgeous
infusion of flavour for your favourite meat on the braai.

The Black Garlic salt made from fermented black garlic, purple onion flakes
and Himalayan salt, is such a trendy addition to every cooking occasion and
makes a gorgeous table salt. The latest range is not only ideal for
braai-ing, but can easily be added to your favourite roast, salads, stews,
baked potatoes, soups and even bread!

The Funky Ouma company came about when Anneke van Rooyen, the grandmother of
10 with a life-long love for cooking and healthy eating, started the
business with her daughter Johannita Eksteen. The Funky Ouma range was born
out of experimenting with different salts, herbs and spices with the aim to
add flavour to the dinner table without the unhealthy preservative-laden
options on the market.

Their motivation behind the salts is to offer nutritional spices packed with
essential minerals with not a trace of MSG, preservatives or colourants in
an effort to encourage a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing taste. They
are also passionate about empowerment and instill a sense of ownership
amongst their 14 employees, all from the local Wellington area.

The range of salts is available nation-wide from a variety of markets,
specialty food shops and online from  <> and retails for R80 for the Braai Salt & Braai Sauce,
R80 for the Large Black Garlic Salt and R40 for the small.

Have you tried any of the Funky Ouma products? Let me know in the comments.

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