My Moments in Wine

My Moments in wine..

I don’t know any Wine makers personally, but I’m almost positive that when they bottle a wine or they send it off into the atmosphere, they are thinking:“Gosh, I hope people have endless debates on how this wine smells or how structured or balanced it is…”I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But In my mind, I think they hope that with each bottle opened, great memories are created, stories are told and maybe just a secret or two slips.

I drink wine for the pure enjoyment. A bottle of wine already comes with its own story and when our two worlds collide… Magic happens… Memories are made and treasured.

Robertson Wine Valley – I think it could be about 9 years ago -Klipdrift Wines -we had a Cellar tour and enjoyed a Brandy & Steak pairing. My husband, whom does not drink, had the worse hangover after his visit to the Cellar and we thought that was hilarious! I appreciate Brandy, although personally, I don’t know why I just want to fall asleep after drinking some (HELP!)

We also visitedViljoensdrift Wines, where we enjoyed the a beautiful crisp Sauvignon Blanc and spent hours just lying on the endless green grass on the River bank.

Rhebokskloof Wine Estate and Cabernet Sauvignon on my birthday 31st December were shared with one of my best friends, Charmaine, living in Joburg now.

J C Le Roux Brut and New Year’s Eve, I can’t even remember why we didn’t have any plans. I do remember that it was the last few hours/minutes of my birthday, so I might be justified in feeling that way! What I do remember clearly, was the beautiful black, red and gold bottle – now that bottle  had me hooked!

One of the special memories I have, is the weekend before I found out I was pregnant.


We were at Du Toitskloof wines, basking in the winter sun with a cheese platter that looked fit for a king. I enjoyed the Cabernet Sauvignon – I think the year was 2013 – and my friends the Merlot.The thing we will remember about that day, with that platter, is that amazing wine, because on that day was (as we like to call it) our “Last Supper”! It was the last wine I had, before I started my pregnancy journey.

Durbanville Hills Wine Estate – the first Estate we visited after our little girl was born –Lisle and Craig’s Birthday, topped with the best Merlot and Burgers..

I could literally sit and reminisce for hours about the stories of my wine.. but for now this is it..

Overhex Wines in 2013

Spice Route June 2013

JC Le Roux January 2013

Cheese and Wine April 2012

I think this was the tasting room at Balance Wines/ Oberhex Wines

Saw this sign at Nuy Wine in 2013 and its so accurate now

I’m posting this picture and dont want any judgement… Muratie Wines 2012/2013

J C Le Roux Summer 2012

Straight from the cows tits.. Cheese and Wine Fest April 2012

Oh my gosh.. this was taken in 2011 & feels like a lifetime

I still enjoy picnics at L’Avenir..I also enjoyed getting stared down by the farm dog

Partners in Wine

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