Make special moments count and celebrate the change of season with the perfect in-between wine: Roodeberg Classic Rosé 2023

As summer draws to a close, Roodeberg invites you to celebrate the change of season with the perfect in-between wine, Roodeberg Classic Rosé 2023.

Its enticing aroma of Turkish delight and fresh red berries conjures the magic of summer in a glass, while its hue, reminiscent of this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year called ‘Peach Fuzz’, perfectly mirrors the delicate tones of autumn.
Roodeberg draws its name from the vivid colours of the setting sun over the Paarl Mountain – a befitting image for the sophisticated beauty of the Roodeberg Rosé. Made from a blend of red varieties, with each imparting a layer of distinct aroma, taste, and colour, Roodeberg’s Classic Rosé is refreshing, vibrant, elegant and inviting. The perfect choice for May’s special moments!


As you pour Roodeberg’s Rosé into your glass, you’ll notice its colour beautifully mirroring the trendy Peach Fuzz hue. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this gentle orangey-pink pantone embodies more than just contemporary elegance; it also speaks to our deep-seated desire for closeness and connection. Appropriately, like suggested by its colour, Roodeberg Classic Rosé effortlessly bridges the gap between the youthful and the timeless, making it the perfect companion for informal and cosy get-togethers, whether it’s lunch with a friend or a celebration with a loved one.

Furthermore, the symbolism of the Colour of the Year easily translates into a tasting note when describing the character of this fashionable wine.  It is a wine that exudes simplicity and sets a relaxed mood, inviting warmth and a touch of happiness into our everyday lives.


Achieving a harmonious blend is at the heart of this Rosé, with each building block meticulously chosen to contribute to its clear and vibrant hue: “Achieving the perfect colour is very important and determined right at the beginning of the winemaking process,” explains Roodeberg’s senior winemaker, James Ochse. “Different varieties have different colour intensities which we must consider as they play a vital role in determining the fine balance of the visual aesthetic of the wine.”

For this Rosé, the Roodeberg winemaking team blended a selection of grape varieties, including Mourvèdre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Grenache, Pinotage, Carignan, and Cinsault. Each variety was chosen for its unique contribution, ensuring a deliberate and harmonious balance in the Rosé’s overall aroma, taste, and vibrant colour.

Inspired by the essence of Peach Fuzz, Roodeberg invites you to share a ‘slice of bliss’ with a beautifully conceptualised Vanilla Peach Fuzz Ombre Cake, paired with Roodeberg Classic Rosé 2023.

With its sunny disposition, both in colour and spirit, this pairing elicits joy and makes for a perfect treat to enhance the closeness and celebration of special days in May, such as Mother’s Day.

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