Let’s Talk to Strangers

When I got the invitation from Dine4Six, I must say I was a bit apprehensive going to dinner with 6 strangers.

I was also hoping that it was not some kind of speed dating as for one, I’m married and two, I had no car keys to throw in the bowl.

Well, Dine4Six is none of the above – in fact its way cooler than that!This social dining app is so next level and literally takes away all the “What If” stress when you’re meeting new people.


Think about it – you’re in a new Town for business and don’t know anyone, so instead of making friends with John & Suzy at the water cooler (Which in our case is run dry!), you go onto the Dine4Six app and book a dinner at one of the trendy restaurants listed – I mean how cool is that?

No strings attached, just a great meal with new people.

Camps Bay



So, off I went, our dinner was set for 7 at The 41 Restaurant in Camps Bay and, to be honest, I almost never venture that side of the world on weekends and during the Festive Season. IMO The food is somewhat overpriced and service levels go down.



The 41 restaurant is just set on a beautiful spot where, if you’re seated indoors you can still see the sun dip behind the ocean making way for the night. The vibe is so super laid back and comfy, that you don’t have to do the whole 6-inch heel thing if you don’t want to.

What I loved most about the evening, is that we got to enjoy a 6 course Mediterranean inspired dinner with 6 strangers and I had the time of my life!




For more information on Dine4Six, visit their website on www.dine4six.com

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