Kunjani Wines! The newest addition to the Stellenbosch Wine Route

Its been a week since Kunjani Wines opened their doors to the public and we cant stop gushing about the newest addition to the Stellenbosch Wine Route

Kunjani Wines


Kunjani Wines was conceptualised in 2011 when a chance encounter between a German Entrepreneur (Paul Barth) and a South African Businesswoman (Pia Watermeyer) birthed a vision for a cross-continental wine. A team was quickly assembled to make Kunjani Wines a reality. Pia is a new winemaker, with Carmen Stevens as her mentor. Carmen isan award-winning winemaker from humble roots. The Operations Manager is Lydia Afonso, with more than a decade of experience in all facets of the wine industry.



The Logo:  The Kunjani hands represent a greeting between friends. “Kunjani” means “Hi, how are you?” and that is exactly how great relationships start. A simple greeting and a great glass of wine between new friends.

The Wines : Kunjani opens with a selection of great-tasting and carefully crafted wines,including:                                                                                                                           

2017 Sauvignon Blanc with beautiful & enticing summer expression that exhibits passion fruit, cut cucumber and freshly picked coriander, kept fresh with a dollop of lime zest.

2017 Chenin Blanc with a tropical and a fusion of ripe papaya fruit served with a squeeze of lime on a biscuit crust

2015 Red Blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec. Expect ripe, red cherries and tobacco notes with a lush mid-palate.

2014 Shiraz that can only be described as spicy, meaty, with notes of blackberries and ripe plum.

2015 Dry Riesling

2017 Pia Noir, also known as The Stolen Chicken. Perhaps a personal favourite amongst the staff, this wine was crafted in honour of James and his mom, Pia. It encapsulates the story of the boy who stole the chicken,but tried to convince his mother that he had found them.  Who leaves chickens on the side of the road? Imagine a bowl of beautifully ripe straw and raspberries served with a sinful drop of toffee apple syrup.

James passed away on 5 June 2016, and as a way to honour his legacy and let his spirit live on, Pia and Carmen developed this rosé- a blend of our Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot. Seeing as pink was James’ favourite colour, Pia felt it fitting to put his face on their prized rosé. Enjoy this incredibly special wine whilst you laugh with your friends, dance with your partner, discuss the meaning of life with your family – just as James always did. And when you drink this wine, remember to be silly, to be caring and to be adventurous- just as James always was.

Kunjani Wines’ interior was created by Pia Watermeyer and the iconic Haldane Martin. As a designer, Haldane has been instrumental in the emergence of a new South African design language and identity. He successfully transformed Pia’s concept and brand essence in to an innovative, stylish and soulful interior with a unique character. This included custom fittings, luxurious finishes and custom-made furniture paired with selected artworks by local artists, Krisjan Rossouw and Peter Pharoah

Kunjani’s delicious wines and breathtakingly beautiful interior is best paired with their carefully curated menu – designed to be a FUN dining experience. Enjoy a variety of dishes and tapas on their set menu, including the Asian Braised Crispy Pork Belly;served with baby onions, apple puree, baby carrots and a red wine dressing. Another favourite is the   Mushroom Ravioli, with pan seared  spinach in a tomato and basil sauce topped with parmesan shavings. There are a variety of pizzas, burgers, platters and desserts to choose from. The prices range from R85.00 – R160.00 per dish, and Wine Tastings are R75.00 per person, which includes a selection of 5 wines.

Accommodation at Kunjani  

Kunjani also offers elegant and luxurious cottages on their estate. The cottages all feature a patio with a view over the Kunjani vineyards and Stellenbosch mountains. The four self-catering cottages are aptly named: Shiraz (sleeps 4), Merlot (sleeps 2), Cabernet (sleeps 2) and Stolen Chicken (sleeps 4). Prices range from R1900.00 – R3500.00 per cottage, per night.

Kunjani Wines’ trading hours are Wednesday to Sun

day: 11:00 – 17:00, and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Location                                                                                                                                              Find Kunjani at Farm 90/20, Blumberg Drive, Devonvale, Stellenbosch. Tel: +27 87 630 0407

Enquiries: info@kunjaniwines.co.za. Wine Sales: wines@kunjaniwines.co.za.

Website: http://kunjaniwines.co.za/

Social Media:                                                                                                                      @KunjaniWines and #KunjaniWines on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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