J.C Le Roux Non-Alcoholic Sparkling

The last few months has challenged many of us and on some days, it’s been difficult to spot the silver lining. I found myself becoming so caught up in the moment that I would forget to celebrate the little things. I believe now more than ever it is important to take the time to appreciate and celebrate the positives in our lives.

When it comes to family celebrations, I’m often the only person drinking alcohol and that can become super awkward at times. I’ve always enjoyed the emotion that accompanies popping a cork ,so when looking for a non-alcoholic alternatively, I didn’t have to look very far.

Being familiar with the J.C. Le Roux alcoholic range It was pleasant to discover the non-alcoholic alternative offering J.C. Le Roux La Fleurette Non-Alcoholic and
J.C. Le Roux Le Domaine Non- Alcoholic bubbly, produced with the same care and dedication as the J.C Le Vivante Sparkling Range 

What Exactly Is Non-Alcoholic
In the J.C. Le Roux’s Non-Alcoholic Sparkling variants the alcohol is removed once fermentation is complete leaving trace elements of alcohol containing less than 0,5% volume. As with J.C Le Roux’s entire range, the grapes of the de-alcoholised Sparkling variants are carefully harvested by hand and each bottle is crafted with the same dedication that goes into every drop of J.C Le Roux. Like their alcoholised counterparts, both the La Fleurette Non-Alcoholic and Le Domaine Non-Alcoholic are extremely versatile and pair well with most meals and all occasions.

About The House of J.C Le Roux
Did you know? The House of J.C. Le Roux is South Africa’s leading house of sparkling wine dedicated exclusively to the making of fine sparkling wines? Situated in the lush Devon Valley near the historic town of Stellenbosch, one of the premier wine-growing regions of the Cape.

Let’s Get Sipping


I started with the Le Fleurette which I served chilled, Uhm, can we talk about the colour it’s this beautifully distinct pink colour and entices all the senses. The prominent aromas of strawberries and plum awaken your senses, although it has sweet flavours, the wine is slightly dry with a great balance of freshness and sweetness. I found it delightful that the aromas of the strawberry and plum carry through on the palate, and you are left with an enjoyable flavour in your mouth. 




The La Fleurette  i’ll pretty much drink any opportunity I get, my husband enjoyed this as much I did and according to him “highly recommends it for any celebration” 




Le Domaine Non- Alcoholic bubbly is a multi-layered sparkling white that open on the palate. It has the sophistication, elegant structure, crisp freshness and gentle sweetness of J.C. Le Roux Le Domaine, but in a Non-Alcoholic alternative that allows you to enjoy your favourite bubbly for longer.




J.C. Le Roux La Fleurette Non-Alcoholic and J.C. Le Roux Le Domaine Non- Alcoholic Sparkling variants are both sold by leading retailers nationwide for only R79.99. The variants are affordable and a great alternative for non-drinkers, people want to reduce their alcohol intake 

Have you tried J.C Le Roux Non-Alcoholic variants? if so, what are your thoughts?

To learn more about J.C. Le Roux Non-Alcoholic variants, follow J.C. Le Roux on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and look out for the hashtags #JustCelebrate ; #StaySafe ; #BeResponsible

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