How do you plan on #Surviving2018 with Survivor Wines?

Pause, Reflect and pour a glass of Survivor Wine 

Survivor Wines , SA bloggers and some vocal wine enthusiasts like yours truly reveal their tips for #Surviving2018

The word survivor has many definitions including; “A person who copes with a bad situation or affliction and gets / lives through it. “

I’m often asked “How do you do it all?” the short answer is, I DON’T. No really. I don’t do” IT ALL”.



I regard myself as a strong woman that lives life by my own rules. Along with this, I am a wife, a mom, a sister and a friend. Keeping that in mind, I sometimes drop the ball.

I am certain that I often suck (for lack of a better word) at being a wife, mom, sister or friend and often feel inadequate.

Besides sharing my love of wine via my personal blog, I also have a full time job that can often be quite demanding. I frequently work late, therefore I miss out on things, such as picking my daughter up from daycare or preparing a home cooked meal for my husband…  (Insert Quick and Easy Recipes found on )

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The thing is, I’m the only one beating myself up for situation that is beyond my control. As it turns out, my husband loves fetching our daughter and she enjoys the occasional surprise he has waiting for her on the passenger’s seat.  As for friends and family; we make the best memories with food and wine whenever we do get the chance to come together.

That brings me to my #Surviving2018 tip which ironically, was inspired by the Survivor Wines Nguni cow.

The story behind the Survivor Wines is as follows…

One fine day, as a truck transporting cattle rattled by our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, one of the four legged passengers decided: The Cow Stops Here. She jumped! And not only did she survive, but she has thrived, and went on to produce several offspring.  Since this cow embodies the free spirit of the Swartland, these wines pay tribute to our noble Nguni cow; SURVIVOR.

Now this Cow is part of the modern day MOOvement (hehehe ) Like, Yass girl cow!

The lesson I take away from this story is that of courage, boldness and faith. Making the decision to JUMP takes audacity.

So here is my#Surviving2018  Tip:

My Little Creative Director



Breathing deeply for just a few minutes every day improves our mental outlook and our physical health too. Also, if you’re planning on jumping from a moving truck you’d want to be mentally alert.


Because “Knowledge is Power”


“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and wants to see us happy.” -Benjamin Franklin





For more #2018SURVIVOR Tips visit the Survivor Wines website or click on this link

You can also purchase wines for your #MeTime sessions via the site.

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