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Constantia Wine Route may be 333 years rich in history but the dynamic winemaking team from the valley sure knows how to revive its history in an entertaining style.

Constantia Wine Route Winemakers

Media and friends of the valley were invited to compete in the first ever Winemaker’s Quiz evening. This was a great way to continue the merriment of 333 years in wine production. The nine winemaker’s competed against each other, joined by media, bloggers and friends contending for first prize.


Media and Friends

Buitenverwachting Wine Farm was our home for the night. This beautiful farm on the east-facing slopes of Constantiaberg made for the perfect venue. Welcome drinks were a combination of Méthode Cap Classique from the 9 farms, each unique in its own way. With sweaty palms, we casually clinked glasses waiting for the teams to be revealed.


Venue for the night

We were divided into teams of four, led by the talented winemaker Jacques du Plessis from Constantia Uitsig. The rest of the team was made up of Dhunasha Dhoorgalu, Clare Richfield and I.

Team OutWiners

Ready, set, sip!

We were off to a rocky start as Jared tested our history knowledge with the first set of questions. We quickly learnt that history was not our strong point but that made the quiz night fun and entertaining (with the addition of wine). Although we covered many topics in the quiz, we barely scratched the surface.

Quiz Master Jared

So, what do the Vikings and pig skin have in common? Nothing

Well, the Vikings discovered America in 1000BC and named it Vinland because of the native grapes found there. Did you know, in ancient times, wine was stored in pig skins with the hair on the inside?

I thoroughly enjoyed the Constantia Wine Route quiz night and cannot think of a better way to incorporate award-winning wines and 333 years of history!

Here’s 10 questions & answers to get you started on your Quiz Night, make sure you have sufficient wine to soften the blow.

  1. (GROOT CONSTANTIA: We’re celebrating 333 years of winemaking in the Valley. What is the actual day of this celebration? 13th July 1685
  2. Last year the Eagles Nest Shiraz won a place in the Official Top 12 Shiraz list in the country. Which vintage was it that won the spot?
    2012. B. 2013.   C. 2014.   D. 2015.        Answer C
  3. STEENBERG – How many husbands did Catharina, who was the original owner of the farm, have in total? 5
  4. KLEIN CONSTANTIA – Was scene of the parties of the 1900s. Thanks to Clara Hussey who married a ______.
  5. Steel magnate b. milliner. Ostrich Feather Farmer D. Winemaker.   Answer C
  6. Silvermist has as its mascot a special dog. What is his name? Rocketdog
  7. Beau Constantia. What significant event happened on the farm in 2000? A fire ravaged the farm.
  8. Constantia Glen – has seen its fair share of famous visitors. In the mid-1800s a certain royal figure, synonymous with Cape Town’s development at the time, visited. Who was that? Prince Alfred, Victoria’s son.
  9. Buitenverwachting – Stands as part of the original Constantia Farm, divided into three. How much wine does Buitenverwachting now produce?
    500. B. 800. C. 1000 d. 1250 tonnes.    ANSWER B
  10. Constantia Uitsig – also forms part of the original farm where the sweet wines hailed from. Popular with kings, poets and nobility. Two French nationals in particular were rather taken back. Which French poet remarked that the wine could be compared to his mistress’ ‘nectar mouth where love swoons’. Baudelaire.
  11. What were the first two grape varietals planted in the Cape? Muscat and Steen (Chenin Blanc)

I love hearing from you, so please tell me how your quiz night goes and add some questions should you have any.

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 All pictures were taken by the talented Johan Van Der Merwe Photography

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