Bonnievale Sauvignon Blanc is ‘one of the best’



Bonnievale Wines has unveiled the latest vintage of its River Collection Sauvignon Blanc, describing it as ‘one of the best’ it has produced. A spectacular showing of tropical fruit aromas and flavours combines in the finest balance, highlighting the excellence inherent in Bonnievale.

“The greater wisdom applied in the management of specific, outstanding vineyards over the past few years has paid off and it reflects persistence, innovation, co-operation and faith,” declares chief winemaker Marthinus Rademeyer, who has 11 harvests under his belt with Bonnievale. “Quality underscores our making of wines that wine lovers will enjoy and requires not only continuous innovation, but a vision we share with our producers.”


In this process, vineyards are prioritised, and star performers handled separately. Special attention in vineyard care is carefully noted and expanded with every new season.

To their advantage, the team of Bonnievale winemakers have a broad and diverse selection of vineyards from which to select the best fruit. The winery lies at the head of an expansive and fertile valley characterised by the Breede River at its centre, as well as rolling hills and mountain ranges. Within this veritable artist’s palette is a diversity of micro-climates, elevations and aspects that – when matched with the right clones and varieties – are capable of exceptional fruit production.


“The fruit vinified for this vintage hails from a vineyard in a cooler part of the Bonnievale region. We are also blessed with a south easterly breeze that picks up in the afternoon and cools the grapes,” Marthinus explains. “Along with the terroir, the way the producer manages the block also contributes to slow, optimal ripening. This entails establishing the perfect micro-climate to ensure the fruit is couched in just the right amount of air and light.”


The River Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2021 recommended retail price is R61.00 per bottle and along with other wines produced by the winery are available countrywide and available for order from its online shop at The winery itself is situated on the outskirts of the town from which it derived its name and is situated 125km due east of Cape Town.

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