Backsberg upholds its legacy of excellence in Tim Atkin’s 2023 South African Report

With a legacy spanning over a century of winemaking, Backsberg Family Wines embody a pioneering spirit that has been carried forward through four generations of dedicated South African family ownership. Rooted in this history, the winery’s core philosophy revolves around crafting premium, carbon neutral wines for a diverse spectrum of wine enthusiasts.

In the latest release of Tim Atkin MW’s South Africa Report, Backsberg emerges with a notable performance, aligning with the discerning palate and genuine admiration for South African wines, held by the renowned British Master of Wine. The Backsberg John Martin Bordeaux Blend 2018 earned 90 points and the winery’s Patriarch Cabernet Franc 2021 was awarded a coveted 93 points.

This recognition underscores the winery’s commitment to excellence and its ability to capture the essence of the region in each exceptional bottle.

The eleventh annual report by Tim Atkin is centred on tastings of over 2, 205 wines hailing from a total of 419 wineries and is regarded as a pivotal conduit conveying the benchmarks of South African wine to the global oenophile community.  Tim Atkin’s comments speak volumes:

“Overall, I’ve been impressed with the quality of what I tasted in 2023, especially from the 2017 and 2021 vintages. I sincerely hope that the reviews and scores in my report, as well as the Medals of Excellence given to producers whose wines have scored more than 90 points, will ensure that more people are made aware of the outstanding quality of South African wines. More than ever, we need to tell the world!”

Backsberg Scores



Backsberg John Martin Red Blend




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