ANOVA Shiraz – Disruptive wine, Scientifically crafted

With so many award-winning wines being made in South
Africa each year, it has become impossible to choose the
best. You want to spend your well-earned money on a wine
that truly transcends quality as we know it.

Like a nova that only happens once in a star’s lifetime, you will
remember those singular bottles of wine that blew your mind.
– Dr Leanie Louw.

More about  Anova

ANOVA Wines is the birth child of SenseLab, a panel of highly
trained individuals conducting sensory evaluations on
alcoholic beverages to provide unbiased and non-technical
outputs – A laboratory that feasts on the senses. Senselab
helps wineries better understand their product, their
consumers’ preference and provide them with the tools they
need to develop the wine of their dreams.
Led by world-class sensory scientist, Dr Leanie Louw, we have
decided that it is time to put our money where our mouth is
and develop a stellar wine based on the ideal sensory profile
in its category. We’re going to take a look at what the best of
the best Shiraz wines in South Africa look like based on
sensory science and create a scientifically proven awardwinning
Shiraz wine.

Name Of Origin

ANOVA wine is a stellar and bespoke wine based on sensory
science. ANOVA, or Analysis of Variance, is a statistical tool
that sensory scientists use to understand what wines taste
like. A NOVA is also the birth of a star – Just like ANOVA
wines when it touches your lips and falls on the palate.


The Objective

Our goal is to sell 2000 pre-ordered bottles via a
crowdfunding campaign on Our launch
date for this campaign is THURSDAY, 4 OCTOBER. The
simplest way to show your support would be to pre-order a
bottle or case of ANOVA wines, but there are many other
rewards for backing our project. The purchase of ANOVA
wines will not only help create and elevate the ANOVA brand,
but your efforts will also help SenseLab grow as a business so
that we can launch many more exciting projects such as
ANOVA wines for collectors, connoisseurs and of course

More about Dr. Leanie Louw

Dr Leanie Louw uses her wealth of knowledge and expertise
in sensory science and oenology to manage operations. She
holds a BScAgric, MScAgric (Cum Laude) and a PhD in
Oenology. She specialises in rapid sensory profiling methods
and has nine years’ experience as a sensory scientist working
on a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Dr Louw has published several peer-reviewed research
papers in leading food science, viticulture and oenology
journals and has contributed to textbooks on the sensory
evaluation of alcoholic beverages. She served on the board
of the South African Society for Oenology and Viticulture for
three years during which she acted as the assistant secretary
of the board and the head of the conference organising
committee. Over the course of her career she has done work
for more than 20 award- winning wineries and distilleries.


Tel. 083 461 9584
About SenseLab:
Oude Molen Building
Distillery Road

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